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HTown Trees

Tree Care
Ask Our Specialists - Posted by: HTown Trees on: Nov 26, 2011
Location: Houston Texas ,
Yeah for the rain!

I have a pine tree that is starting to turn brown. I know this is a bad sign.
Any tips on what I can do to help save the tree?

chai tea

Yeah for rain! Lower water bill.
Share your Good Neighbor Tips - Posted by: chai tea on: Nov 03, 2010
Location: ,
Anyone know how to make a rain barrel... wanting to learn how to catch and reuse rain water etc
Anyone that has one or can give tips on how to start that would be great.


Lawn Tip
Share your Good Neighbor Tips - Posted by: Jessica on: Mar 25, 2010
Location: Houston , TX
Arn't you glad the weather is beautiful and our flowers are starting to bloom? make sure to cut your flowers to have more come.

chai tea

Sick Magnolia Tree
Ask Our Specialists - Posted by: chai tea on: Mar 22, 2010
Location: Houston , TX
Hello I have a sick Magnolia tree in the backyard...the leafs are turning black on the edges and fallen off...HELP....any suggestions

Houston, TX
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Location: ,
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