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This is your opportunity to be a good neighbor. What do good neighbors do? They look out for each other and this is your chance to share your good and bad experiences rendered from contractors or service professionals who has done work for you with home owners so that way they are well informed about the people they consider hiring.

We've all been there before. We need someone to come into our house and remodel or repair something but we just don't know who we can trust to do that particular task. Or, if you're like many people, you want a job well done. As a member you are joining a growing network of homeowners and business owners pledging to one another good quality honest and fair workmanship.

Also members can find discounts, coupons only offered through House and Lawn for their members.

Post a classified if you have something in need of selling.
Post your Yard sale to let those know in your community when and where.
A chat room forum to find helpful tips and interact with other members sharing helpful ideas.

So Why Not Be a Member?

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